Are you looking to simply upgrade the look and feel of your site using the same Content Management System your current site is designed in? Stormcrest has a template design process and solution that can put a new face on your site quickly and with very little cost. Although the word "template" can be misunderstood, this simply means that we will design a new interface for you and create a template that can be easier connected to whatever CMS you have right now. It's important to note that older Content Management Systems require more than just a new template on occasion. We will also look at upgrading your CMS if it requires it.

The Basic Template Creation Process

The 1, 2, 3's of Designing a Template

Discover Style
When designing a new template, we need to understand your marketing agenda as well as your updated color schemes and the look you are trying to achieve.

Scope and Requirements
We will meet with you to understand what changes you are looking for and then we will build a simple requirements document so that we are sure we have made the correct assumptions.

Design Wireframes
Next we will design the template look and feel in the form of a "wireframe". At this stage, you will see the site come to life through artistic renditions. Once you approve the design we'll move on to building the template.

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