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Stormcrest Software began with portal collaboration and has expanded it's knowledge and implementation strengths ever since. We are a all-in-one portal development provider whose combines all the elements necessary to deliver a fully functional Public or Enterprise portal. Whether your company needs an Intranet, Extranet, or Internet Portal, Stormcrest can architect and deliver a collaborative solution that can incorporate content distribution, workflow management, social networking, profile management, and many other elements of portal systems.

What Specific Style of Portal Are You Looking For?

Once you understand the specific portal types, you then need to understand the portal styles that most suit your needs. Here are a few styles of portals that might fit your requirements but there are many more and we'll be happy to help determine your needs.


What Types of Portals Are There?

There are three main types of portals that are generally described in the market. Those are Intranets, Extranets, and Internet Portals. The difference between these portals are how they are used and what the goal of the portal is intended for. Let's discuss each:

An intranet is an internal, secure portal that is typically used inside a corporation or business. This portal type is designed to encourage content sharing and true collaboration between employees of a company. Those using an intranet typically include Decision Makers, Employees, and Workgroups. Almost all intranets include Enterprise Content, Business Data, Web Data Sources, Corporate Policies, and Corporate News & Events. 

Similar in many ways to an intranet, these portals are a gateway to a secure, intranet type of portal. The main difference is that these portals are typically used by Employees with Home Offices, Customers, or Partner/Affiliates to the organization that is relying on specific data for their own business. 

Internet (Public)
An Internet portal is quite different from the other two. These portals are designed for the public and are typically used by Internet Audience (at large), Content Subscribers and Service Subscribers. The core elements of an Internet portal include News Flow, Media Content, Web Content, Downloadable Assets, User Profile, Products Catalogs, Online Ordering and Servicing, Payment and Billing, Social Interaction Tools and Registration. 


Sub-System Map of the Core Elements of a Portal system

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