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At Stormcrest, you can turn your social networking project into a realty through eye catching creative direction and incredibly reliable programming. It's not enough to simply develop a social platform without understanding how people will interact with your system. You must first build on the appropriate framework and then develop the project around the way people will communicate within it. If communication is not at the heart of your project from the beginning, the idea will fizzle and die a painful death. That may sound a little pessimistic but at Stormcrest, we have built solutions for some of the biggest social networks of their time and have successfully helped several companies sell their community to much larger organizations. This track record of success did not come easy and it took a lot of time and development of knowledge to understand the best approach but it came, and we do. 

Despite the rapid growth and global presence of large social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, Stormcrest understands that niche communities can popup and explode if the right concept is put in place. If you have an idea worth exploring, the worst thing you can do is sit on it and wait. If your idea is fresh and the approach can work, let's at least discuss the prospect before throwing the idea in the trash. We'll tell you if we believe in it or if you need to go to the drawing board. We will not take on projects that we believe will fail. That's our promise.


Stormcrest can help you understand the following critical elements of your idea

Understanding and Supporting the Community
We've built and managed communities in the hundreds of thousands of active members. Once you reach critical mass, we always recommend a growth model that leaves us behind. Our job is done when you have reached that level. We will help you first identify the specific niches within the community that will keep them active and coming back. Then we will help you plan a growth model that will help deliver new and innovative things to the community but not to fast. It's an approach that needs to be moderate in implementation time so that you can allow previous implementations to sink in to the minds of your community. We understand these things and will help guide you on.

Producing Revenue
One of the hardest things to do with a social community is realize revenue. Most social networks are free, at least the highly successful ones. This does not mean they are not fully monetizing their online presence. They simply find the best avenues to generate this revenue without causing alarm within the community. Sometimes even the largest social networks make mistakes and are forced by their community to change policy. It's happened before and will happen again. Our job will be to present new ideas and think through the roads less traveled which can produce the stream of cash flow necessary to run the business and grow. 

Content Exchange and How to Deliver It
If your network is built on the exchange of content, media, or exchange of information, Stormcrest has the experience needed to setup a highly scalable solution that can grow as your user base grows. It's hard to see the future but with our experience, we actually can. We know exactly when the size of the community and demands of the servers will begin to effect the performance of your system. We understand the bandwidth limitations necessary to add mirroring and additional power to your db to handle the growth. We have tools and software ready to implement quickly that is already stress tested to handle hundreds of thousands, if not millions of simultaneous users. Who better to help you get up and running?

Let's Take a Look at Some of Tools You'll Need to Get Started


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