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In order to take your organization to the next level, their are some critical things you must have in place. One of the first should be one or more Content Management Solutions that with help you effectively handle information sharing between all parties that associate with your business, internal or external. These systems will help you manage and distribute information faster, more controlled, and ultimately efficiently. 

There are many types of document management solutions that Stormcrest offers that may fit your business requirements. Whether it is for simple corporate website communication with your clients and to generate more traffic or an intranet based solution that will help you organize and management your departmental issues, there is a CMS for you. Take a look at the Content Management Systems below and let us know which one(s) you are most interested in discussing.


Our core product for the Retail Electric Market is called OpsAdmin and through this product, we can handle a great deal of your content and document management procedures. To request more information about OpsAdmin, click here.

Types of Content Management Solutions 

Web Content Management
This is the standard content management solution that all businesses need for their web presence. This helps you take control of your message to your audience and if you don't have one in place, give us a call now.

Standard Document Management
This solution involves putting all of your documents both digital or cloud based into a single organized document archive system that will allow you to add, retrieve, and edit on the fly going forward. 

Dynamic Document Management
This is an advanced document management system that will have version control and add specific text elements to the documents so that they are marked with specific product details, versions, mail merge type data, and anything else you can think of that requires specific "values" to be generated and added to a document before sending out or storing in archive.

Media Asset Management
This solution is similar to standard document management but specifically designed for all your digital media, graphics, music, or any other media asset you would like to store, edit, send, or retrieve in the future.

Knowledge Management
This solution takes all your documents and media and puts it into a knowledge base type storage system that will help you locate documents, help files, or any other digital asset that fits the knowledge request you want to look up. 

Autoresponder Management
A very specific solution for companies that have a great deal of automated communication with customers in different markets, countries, and places around the world or the world of business. This solution helps you specify the details for each autoresponder and organize them by location so that different details can be added to different autoresponders prior to sending out.

Customer Interaction Management
A document management system that stores, catalogs, and organizes all of your digital document, email, and other communication with your customers. This is a very good solution for companies that require tracking and organizing of all their communications with contracts, instant messenger help, email correspondence, and any other form of written, documented communication.


How Content Management Systems May Fit Into Your Business


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