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At Stormcrest, we believe each customer is unique and their website must represent them with the highest professionalism level as possible. We offer a wide range of web development services that cater to both small business and large companies. Take some time to review our process below and if you like, take a look at a few of our more recent projects by clicking here

This is a detailed timeline of an EXAMPLE 8 week project

Web Design and Development Core elements:

Discovery Phase
The first thing we need to understand are your expectations regarding your site. It doesn't matter if you want to sell something, or improve your visibility on the web, we'll make your site reflect exactly what you want. 

Interface & Web Design
Stormcrest will provide the mockups/wireframes so you know how your site will look like before we do any development. You always have time to work with us to make corrections and modifications. Your site will look just like you want it to look. Our designers know how to create an attractive and engaging site taking care of all the usability and user experience considerations. 

Content Manager
Your company is constantly growing, so it's completely normal that the information on your site must be changed every now and then. We'll provide a robust content manager so you can manage your content the way you want to. You'll have the ability to provide custom access through permissions for several authors, so you and other members of your company can easily edit any section of your site.

Web Hosting
Forget about dealing with hosting services, we'll do that job for you. We'll make sure you save money by using the cheapest but most efficient hosting service of the market.

Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media
We'll make sure you bring people to your site. For that, Stormcrest will make use of all the SEO & PPC tools available: Landing pages, keywords, link building, among others so that your site is not just static content but a community itself.


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