Usability & Interface Design


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Whether we are talking about a mobile application, a website or a web application, we know how important is to have a smooth and intuitive user friendly interface. Users must have a sense of purpose and understanding of what they are trying to achieve when they reach your web presence or utilize the system as an employee in the backend of your operations. The user MUST feel comfortable utilizing your product. We have been at the forefront of Usability and Interface Design since the mid 1990's and we continue to improve our own processes so that we can stay ahead of the users as the web changes from month to month.

Take a look at one of our sample flow charts below to understand how our UI process will work with you and if your interested in having us come in and evaluate your project, let us know. 

Detailed flow of Stormcrest's UI Process

Process Highlights:

Analysis and Conceptual Design
Here's where you tell us what you want to achieve. You give us your vision, your requirements. Our Analysts will be in charge of creating documentation to gather all your objectives and goals in one place. This will be used as reference in the next stages of the process. Here, we'll take care of looking for the right people who will turn these objectives into reality.

This is the stage where our designers come into action and create wireframes and mockups so you can appreciate how your interface will end up looking like. You are always on time to many any change you consider. The more you give us your opinion, the better the interface: According to YOUR needs! 

Once we get your final approval, our developers start working on the interface. The best methodologies and latest technologies are used. It doesn't matter which device we are talking about here. A table, a mobile, a laptop or a desktop computer, we'll create something that it will look amazing, responsive and with a high level of interactivity. Our testing professionals will make sure your interface is flawless. 


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