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A good online marketing campaign is not only about search engine optimization, it also involves several other elements such as the site's design and social media marketing. Here at Stormcrest, you'll have the chance to work with our most competent designers and analytic experts who will help you to improve all the aspects of your site that can effectively improve how its viewed by customers and search engines alike.

Our developers will be in charge of your site's architecture while are SEO team will help improve your numbers. As such, we will help improve your traffic, increase their interest in your site, and improve your placement among the search engines. But we will also give you control over your analytics, reports, social media, and search engine marketing as well as many other areas you did not have access to in the past. We want to assist you in the process of achieving high traffic to your website. We want you to succeed.


Below is a checklist to help prepare your strategy for your Marketing Campaign



Solution Features:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You truly want your site to be near the top in Google? We can and will accomplish that. We'll use keywords, landing pages, social media, link building among others to take you to the top results of any search related to your products so that you get as many visitors as possible. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)
With PPC, we'll increase your site's traffic in a matter of days. How? PPC is an advertising and payment model based on ad clicks. Advertisers use some specific keywords to appear in a search engine results page. Each keyword has a cost, but don't worry! We'll design a strategy so you don't spend too much money and generate a lot of traffic to your site.

Analytics Services
We'll make use of some tools to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports with all the information you need regarding the traffic of your site. This metrics will contribute to give you power when it comes to making important decision over your company. It's all about identifying your goals and defining the metrics you need. We will be in charge of collecting the data you need. Measures will provide you the information you want to take full control of the contents of your site.

Social Media Marketing
We want to improve your reputation. We want your brand to be a synonymous of professionalism and trust. Stormcrest will handle all your social media profiles so that you can reach a larger audience and engage your own visitors to participate of an constantly active community. 



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