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What is the difference between a service and a solution? Unlike solutions which are fairly precise technological approaches to a project, a service is designed to offer more of a custom approach to your project. If that is what you are looking for, please check out our service offerings. The following solutions, although not entirely packaged, are much easier to define as we will be using many of the systems we have already developed or will use existing software that makes the most sense for your business. For example, Ecommerce and POS will clearly be pre-packaged solutions although it is our job to help you decide which solution makes sense and how it applies to your business. Please take a moment to learn more about solutions we can provide you.

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Business Process Automation

Does your company have processes internally that could be automated? Would automating a process speed up your operations saving you money? Check this out.

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Content & Doc Management

Take control of your web solution with content management or better yet, look into some of our more sophisticated systems that can really impact your business.

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Ecommerce & POS

Are you currently processing transactions through the web? Have you connected your storefront to your backend through a modern POS? Let us help you do it!

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Social Networking Software

Take advantage of the world of Social Networks by letting us design your social experiences for you! Learn how to bring customers to your site through them.

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Web & Enterprise Portals

Everything from an intranet system to fully advanced operation management systems, Stormcrest is truly an expert in this field. Take a look at our experience.

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Web Template Design

Are you looking to simply upgrade your current solution? Already have a CMS system in place but want a new look? We have templates for multiple systems.

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Stormcrest Software has many solutions to automating business process. How do we do this? It's quite simple. We develop, implement, and integrate enterprise web based solutions which will help businesses avoid process interruptions. By doing this, a business will also resolve data interchange issues an decrease their error rate across the entire corporate spectrum. With BPA, we can raise your business workflow automation to a higher level which will make your process management way more efficient and transparent across the board. 

We help our clients take time consuming tasks and turn them into automated or significantly less demanding efforts within their business operations. Stormcrest has years of experience taking non-technology companies and building their entire business process through web automation increasing their revenues, decreasing their costs, producing tangible results by decreasing errors and increasing work efficiency across all departments. We'd love to talk to you about your needs as Business Automation is our core specialty.

Our core product for the Retail Electric Market is called OpsAdmin and through this product, we can handle a great deal of your business automation procedures. To request more information about OpsAdmin, click here.


Here are some of the things that can be improved with Business Process Automation: 

Increase Staff Efficiency
Reduce the need for additional staff or allow staff members to utilize their time on other tasks.

Capture Experience
It's absolutely essential to re-use experience learned on the job, you can do this through BPA.

Take Charge of the Business
When you implement BPA, you'll find many areas where you lacked control that can now be managed.

Reduction of Delays
Delays of critical information can harm a business. Through BPA, Stormcrest can automate areas which can eliminate these delays

Find Issues Quickly
It's difficult to see where problems exist when your relying on the eyes on the ground. Implementation of systems checking for these issues can solve this.

Elimination of Errors
One of the hardest issues to solve in business are day to day errors committed by employees or bad data that cannot be caught. Through BPA, we can literally eliminate errors.

Optimize Process & Workflow
Putting a process in place or driving a workflow home are two very difficult items to implement well. With BPA handling much of these processes, you can focus on only the elements still involving personnel while the systems handle the rest.


Below is a Chart Showing Possible Automated Process Improvements


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In order to take your organization to the next level, their are some critical things you must have in place. One of the first should be one or more Content Management Solutions that with help you effectively handle information sharing between all parties that associate with your business, internal or external. These systems will help you manage and distribute information faster, more controlled, and ultimately efficiently. 

There are many types of document management solutions that Stormcrest offers that may fit your business requirements. Whether it is for simple corporate website communication with your clients and to generate more traffic or an intranet based solution that will help you organize and management your departmental issues, there is a CMS for you. Take a look at the Content Management Systems below and let us know which one(s) you are most interested in discussing.


Our core product for the Retail Electric Market is called OpsAdmin and through this product, we can handle a great deal of your content and document management procedures. To request more information about OpsAdmin, click here.

Types of Content Management Solutions 

Web Content Management
This is the standard content management solution that all businesses need for their web presence. This helps you take control of your message to your audience and if you don't have one in place, give us a call now.

Standard Document Management
This solution involves putting all of your documents both digital or cloud based into a single organized document archive system that will allow you to add, retrieve, and edit on the fly going forward. 

Dynamic Document Management
This is an advanced document management system that will have version control and add specific text elements to the documents so that they are marked with specific product details, versions, mail merge type data, and anything else you can think of that requires specific "values" to be generated and added to a document before sending out or storing in archive.

Media Asset Management
This solution is similar to standard document management but specifically designed for all your digital media, graphics, music, or any other media asset you would like to store, edit, send, or retrieve in the future.

Knowledge Management
This solution takes all your documents and media and puts it into a knowledge base type storage system that will help you locate documents, help files, or any other digital asset that fits the knowledge request you want to look up. 

Autoresponder Management
A very specific solution for companies that have a great deal of automated communication with customers in different markets, countries, and places around the world or the world of business. This solution helps you specify the details for each autoresponder and organize them by location so that different details can be added to different autoresponders prior to sending out.

Customer Interaction Management
A document management system that stores, catalogs, and organizes all of your digital document, email, and other communication with your customers. This is a very good solution for companies that require tracking and organizing of all their communications with contracts, instant messenger help, email correspondence, and any other form of written, documented communication.


How Content Management Systems May Fit Into Your Business


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Are you looking to simply upgrade the look and feel of your site using the same Content Management System your current site is designed in? Stormcrest has a template design process and solution that can put a new face on your site quickly and with very little cost. Although the word "template" can be misunderstood, this simply means that we will design a new interface for you and create a template that can be easier connected to whatever CMS you have right now. It's important to note that older Content Management Systems require more than just a new template on occasion. We will also look at upgrading your CMS if it requires it.

The Basic Template Creation Process

The 1, 2, 3's of Designing a Template

Discover Style
When designing a new template, we need to understand your marketing agenda as well as your updated color schemes and the look you are trying to achieve.

Scope and Requirements
We will meet with you to understand what changes you are looking for and then we will build a simple requirements document so that we are sure we have made the correct assumptions.

Design Wireframes
Next we will design the template look and feel in the form of a "wireframe". At this stage, you will see the site come to life through artistic renditions. Once you approve the design we'll move on to building the template.

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There are many ways in which you are looking to add or upgrade your Ecommerce system. You may have a business that is both online and has a storefront or you may be exclusively running the operation through your website. Do you have a warehouse facility or are you simply process orders and having someone fulfill the orders? There are many types of Ecommerce and POS systems that you can integrate into your existing business that will make your life a whole lot easier. But what do you actually need? Which system to choose? Does it make sense for your business. These are the common questions and concerns we hear from new customers that we work with. The answer is hard to know without learning more about your business.

The simple fact is that there are many Ecommerce System and POS systems in the market today. Too many for you to know which one works best or which POS system can integrate with which Ecommerce solution. Let us help by understanding your needs and recommending one of the solutions we already have experience with OR have analyzed that makes sense for your specific business needs. These are life altering decisions for your business and you should not take it lightly. We have the no-how and expertise to help deliver your solution and increase your revenues across the board.


What's "In" an Ecommerce Solution?

There are many parts of an Ecommerce Solution that you may or may not know. Some will benefit your business, others may actually confuse you as you are trying to manage your solution. Stormcrest will evaluate your needs and put together a package that makes the most sense. Until then, let's look at some of the more common aspects of an Ecommerce solution:

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