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Do you want to improve your everyday business processes? Do you want your employees to be focused on the business goals instead of being focused heavy manual tasks? Would you like to count with reports and metrics automatically? Maybe it's time to call Stormcrest so we can start working on the development of a completely customized web application for you.

We have the resources, the technology and the experience that you need.


How do we build custom web applications?


Service will continue throughout the life of the project and beyond

Total understanding of your business model and rules
We want to develop a solution according to your needs. Our analyst will take care of knowing each area of your company in order to build a web application that does exactly what your business needs. To achieve this, we'll make use of methodologies and documentation to determine the application's scope. We have what's necessary to architect a robust application that helps to automate tasks and generates information for your decisions.

You don't have to worry about any security issue. Stormcrest will take care of any security matter so that you feel your business information is safe. You can rely on your web application to be as safest and trust-able as possible.

Stormcrest offers you a completely dedicated team of developers who will apply their experience and knowledge in the latest technologies in order to create a successful solution. 

Quality Assurance
The highest level of quality is searched during the whole development process. Several standards are applied during the development phases to make sure you have a free error solution. You can be involved in this process too!

Don't you think we have finished with you! Once you have your web application launched, we'll continue giving you our full support. We will assist you and your employees with everything you may need like Training or a General Maintenance for your system.


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Mobile Apps are all about the user experience. An application must be user friendly, easy to use, attractive and with a well defined purpose. It must help the final user to solve a problem. In Stormcrest Software, we believe that our customers have the answers to all those questions. We listen to you and we offer you our full support. You bring the idea, we bring the solution.

We do not only build purely mobile applications, moreover, we can make your website looks absolutely smooth and responsive on a mobile device. We achieve this by deploying a combination of expert developers with innovative designers.


Check out how we create a mobile application:


Our Mobile Basics:

Smart Engineering
We'll be in charge of gathering all your business and technical requirements. We want to get to know you. What you need. What you expect. Your fears. Your ambitions. We'll combine all that information with our experience and knowledge and we'll figure out the best solution for you. Your ideas will turn into detailed specifications and pictures you had in your mind will turn into wireframes and mockups.

Cross Platform
Too many devices. Too many markets. Too many users. Don't worry about that. We can assist you so that your product covers most of the platforms out there and you can reach the biggest amount of users as possible. Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone. You can get as far as you want. We'll take you there with the assistance of our most experienced developers. We'll also provide a quality assurance process along the whole development process to make sure your app works flawlessly in every device.

A Visual Pleasure
Here at Stormcrest, we believe that a mobile application must engage the user through a strongly visual experience. A simple but attractive interface combined with some usability principles, is going to do that trick! We rely on a specialized designers team that will create something unique based on your needs: easy to use, intuitive, fresh, polished.

Stay Connected
You don't want your app to be a separate element from your existing systems and backend. We'll make sure your app is connected to the rest of your software pieces. All information in one place.

Constant Support along the Whole Development Process
We are here with you. From the start. Until the end and even Further! We'll give you support and maintenance for your mobile app. Let's improve it together!

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At Stormcrest, we believe each customer is unique and their website must represent them with the highest professionalism level as possible. We offer a wide range of web development services that cater to both small business and large companies. Take some time to review our process below and if you like, take a look at a few of our more recent projects by clicking here

This is a detailed timeline of an EXAMPLE 8 week project

Web Design and Development Core elements:

Discovery Phase
The first thing we need to understand are your expectations regarding your site. It doesn't matter if you want to sell something, or improve your visibility on the web, we'll make your site reflect exactly what you want. 

Interface & Web Design
Stormcrest will provide the mockups/wireframes so you know how your site will look like before we do any development. You always have time to work with us to make corrections and modifications. Your site will look just like you want it to look. Our designers know how to create an attractive and engaging site taking care of all the usability and user experience considerations. 

Content Manager
Your company is constantly growing, so it's completely normal that the information on your site must be changed every now and then. We'll provide a robust content manager so you can manage your content the way you want to. You'll have the ability to provide custom access through permissions for several authors, so you and other members of your company can easily edit any section of your site.

Web Hosting
Forget about dealing with hosting services, we'll do that job for you. We'll make sure you save money by using the cheapest but most efficient hosting service of the market.

Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media
We'll make sure you bring people to your site. For that, Stormcrest will make use of all the SEO & PPC tools available: Landing pages, keywords, link building, among others so that your site is not just static content but a community itself.


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Stormcrest has vast experience in modifying existing software to fit the customer's specific needs and also developing a new software solution to integrate different components. We have the required resources and knowledge to link different systems to consolidate data and automate processes.

We'll be your best allies in the process of connecting processes, applications, people, areas, data and information. 


Take a look at the process flow of our Integration Process:


Core elements of our Integration Services:

Professional Assessment
Our professionals will analyze your environment and current software pieces to design an accurate solution. Integrating different systems requires analysis, design, documentation and even the development of very specific components to keep the correct flow of data between the different platforms. We have specialist from the most different technologies you can imagine, so we'll prepare a team that fits your needs and can work closely to you.

Software & Hardware
We do not only integrate existing software, we also take care of working with your current hardware: Mobile devices, tablets, Barcode scanners, touchscreen monitors, etc.

When dealing with multiple systems from different areas of a company, it's crucial to keep a fluent communication between the Integrator team and all the company areas involved. We'll take care of keeping everyone on the same page through scheduled weekly meetings, functional walkthroughs, demos and training.

Focus on Data
The point of doing a system integration is keep a consistent data flow along the different areas of your company. Stormcrest will handle all the imports and exports that are required during the integration process, so you don't have to worry about any information loss.

Who is going to test it?
Stormcrest! For sure! We have a dedicated team of specialized testers who will make sure everything works flawlessly. 


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Here at Stormcrest, we have taken a hybrid approach to development teams that will give you the best quality for the lowest cost. Our teams are setup between our two offices in the US and Argentina creating a partial offshore team combined with our US based project management and architecture teams. 

How do we do this? Stormcrest will setup an offshore dedicated team according to your needs. You don't have to worry about selecting or hiring, we'll do that work for you. We'll make sure you can count on a highly experienced group of IT professionals to accomplish your goals by using our internal resources and our recruitment capabilities. We hire and train our employees in our processes and you can expect the same level of excellence across the board. 

Once Stormcrest understands your needs, the team could look like this:

Here are some of the things we'll assist you with:

Offsite Talents without the Overhead
Managers, business analysts, designers, developers. A group of skilled professionals fully dedicated on your projects. A team built in accordance with your needs and objectives.

No need to worry about Recruiting or Hiring
We'll take care of that. Anyway, you can get involved in any stage of the process. We'll make sure you save time and money by assuming responsibility on these delicate personnel related matters.

Forget About Training!
We'll look for the most experienced and motivated people befitting your requirements. The team will be ready to work right from the start.

Resources A'Plenty
Your team will have all the hardware and software resources needed along the development process: We provide tools, tech, space and infrastructure.

Multi-lingual / Multi-Skilled
Our resources are fluent English and Spanish speakers. You won't face any communication issues. You'll be in constant contact with your team.

Education and Learning
We never stop acquiring new skills and knowledge. This is what makes our teams the most competitive of the market.

Grade A Experience
Some of our resources have more than 20 years in the IT industry. We have done this before. We can help you achieve your goals!


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