Independent QA & Testing


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In Stormcrest, we make a promise: Deliver what the customer is expecting with no errors. To accomplish this, we use a wide range of testing methods and tools, combined with the skills of a dedicated team of QA and Testing. We'll not only offer you quality during our development process, but we'll also make sure you receive a high quality product and the best support service even if the project has been finished!

Stormcrest QA and Testing Process

Our QA & Testing capabilities include:

Flawless Products
Your business objectives are our objectives. We want to deliver a robust product with superior quality by reducing costs, management risks and programming issues.

Dedicated Testing Resources
Our resources will make sure that the delivered product meets functional and non functional requirements established by the customer through an exhaustive testing process applying different practices. Our testers analyze your requirements and specifications and prepare their testing strategy to enhance your product's quality.

There's nothing we cannot test
Web? Mobile? Desktop? Give it to us! We have the right resources and the best infrastructure to make sure that your product, no matter the platform it is supposed to work on, achieves a level of excellence when it comes to quality. 

We apply a wide range of practices to cover all aspects of the Quality Assurance process of a particular product: Continuous Integration, Unit, Regression, Functional, Performance, Usability, Automated and Security testing.

Our tools are your tools
Stormcrest will grant you access to our testing environments so you can take full advantage of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) method. We'll give you full access to our infrastructure and our online bug reporting tools. You are our best allied to maximize the product's quality.

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