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Here at Stormcrest, we have taken a hybrid approach to development teams that will give you the best quality for the lowest cost. Our teams are setup between our two offices in the US and Argentina creating a partial offshore team combined with our US based project management and architecture teams. 

How do we do this? Stormcrest will setup an offshore dedicated team according to your needs. You don't have to worry about selecting or hiring, we'll do that work for you. We'll make sure you can count on a highly experienced group of IT professionals to accomplish your goals by using our internal resources and our recruitment capabilities. We hire and train our employees in our processes and you can expect the same level of excellence across the board. 

Once Stormcrest understands your needs, the team could look like this:

Here are some of the things we'll assist you with:

Offsite Talents without the Overhead
Managers, business analysts, designers, developers. A group of skilled professionals fully dedicated on your projects. A team built in accordance with your needs and objectives.

No need to worry about Recruiting or Hiring
We'll take care of that. Anyway, you can get involved in any stage of the process. We'll make sure you save time and money by assuming responsibility on these delicate personnel related matters.

Forget About Training!
We'll look for the most experienced and motivated people befitting your requirements. The team will be ready to work right from the start.

Resources A'Plenty
Your team will have all the hardware and software resources needed along the development process: We provide tools, tech, space and infrastructure.

Multi-lingual / Multi-Skilled
Our resources are fluent English and Spanish speakers. You won't face any communication issues. You'll be in constant contact with your team.

Education and Learning
We never stop acquiring new skills and knowledge. This is what makes our teams the most competitive of the market.

Grade A Experience
Some of our resources have more than 20 years in the IT industry. We have done this before. We can help you achieve your goals!


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