Scope Development & Architecture


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In 1996, Stormcrest's founders started their first development company and quickly designed processes that helped navigate a very new and exciting industry. It's been almost two decades since and those core scoping processes have expanded and formed an incredibility effective way to take an idea and turn it into a successful reality.  Let's keep things simple for now and we'll get a little more complex below.

The first step in the development of a true architecture plan is to sit down and scope the requirements directly with the customer. You see, the customer knows the answers even if they don't quite know how to express them all. We understand that, it's the same in every project regardless of the level of technical expertise they might have (or not have). So we help you take that idea and begin to take the layers off the onion until we get to the core understanding. This gives us the vision of your project and allows us to continue down the path towards developing the goals, figuring out the requirements, and essentially helping us build the project plan along the way. Domino's start to fall once we can truly see the vision and understand the goals. 

Below is an example of our multi-step process that we follow on many projects. Some projects do not require all the steps shown and others require a few more. This one is a more standard project for us. 


Stormcrest's Formalized Scope and Architecture Process


Why is this important to my project?

Don't Be Afraid to Budget For This
It is sometimes hard for companies to realize that the money you spend on planning will save you money and make you money down the road. Without an appropriate plan, functional spec, and project technical implementation plan, you will run into so many stoppages and difficulties that it will take a ton of time and money to recover from the bad planning. Do not believe anyone who says that they can just "build whatever you want". The only time this is not necessary prior to a project start is if you hire a Dedicated Development Team. In this case, this will be an ongoing exercise and not a one time planned approach.

Getting Bids From Other Developers
We can tell you that we've never had a company use us for the scoping and architecture and then actually do the project with someone else but it is definitely an option. However, if you have a project that you would like to scope out and develop your overall plan for, we can and will take this on for you. At the end of the day, we specialize in the front end planning of a project and are absolutely ok with you taking what we produce and getting competitive bids on it. Our goal would be to develop the plan for you, not force you to use our development services if you feel you like a cheaper bid out of India. To each their own. Just let us help you take your idea to the next level if that is indeed your goal.



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