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We want you to feel comfortable with Stormcrest Software. Take a few moments to read our story and return here and check out the FAQs.


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Although we do our best at Stormcrest to dilute the techno-babble down to a drink more easy to swallow, it's still a mouthful. For those of you who want a little more information on how to work with us and how we operate, we have included a few frequently asked questions that will at least try to guide you a few steps further. We are really easy to work with and we do not talk over your head at all. But in order for us to be successful, we need to educate you and make you understand the best way to work with us. If you simply want to contact us, please click the button below, otherwise... Read on!

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How Do We Get Started?

Absolutely! It's quite simple. When you submit our contact form we need you to include just a basic overview of your project. Just a few sentences will do. You should start by telling us what Solution/Service does your project fit into. Then give us a brief overview. If you can include timelines if it is time sensitive or even budgetary restraints so we can understand your limitations, that's a bonus. Just send us the basic info and we'll get in touch!

Not surprisingly, this is a fairly common question from small business owners in particular. We are happy to talk with anyone who has a project and wants some advice. Our hourly price range is almost 50% less than a normal US based development company but we cannot take on projects that are simply going to lose money on. That's just the honest truth. If we feel that your budget is not suitable, we will recommend alternatives for you so that worst case, we can guide forward at no cost to you. It's worth contacting us for that alone. You'll be surprised though, if we like you and we like the project you are telling us about, we're open to working with you in a variety of ways.

That's a great question. Let's try the honest answer... Yes. If we are currently loaded with projects and Coca Cola calls and wants a $5,000,000 social network portal site developed in one month, we likely would have to pass and recommend other companies we know that could take it on. We do not take projects if A) we are overloaded with current projects B) we believe the project is going to fail from the beginning C) the budgetary constraints are simply too great or D) if the project requires a time delivery that cannot possibly be delivered. Moral of the story is that we will not take on a project that we cannot accomplish after discovering the requirements. It's a losing situation and we simply cannot have a customer spend money with us only to fail. There are plenty of companies willing to take your money and fail but we are not one of them.

Projects and Tracking

We currently use an Agile Development platform called Jira to manage all of our day to day projects. We allow clients access to the project management tools if they want to actively be involved in reporting issues, changes, new improvements or bugs to the system. 100% of our customers want a report on the status of both tasks and milestones which we deliver every day, week, or month depending on client needs.

This is dependent, of course, on the project. In some cases, neither we or the customer own the software because we are integrating software or installing a piece of software. In the case of custom development projects, this is done on a case by case basis. The default case is that we both share the IP rights if nothing is specified. We are absolutely open to building something exclusively for a customer who owns all rights to the software and even the derivative works of the software. 

This is one of my favorite questions. Here's how we work. If we estimate 40 hours to complete a customer development project, we will bill the "positive" hours that progress was made. We will also bill the hours were we tested, fixed, and tested again. However, we REFUSE to bill any hour in which we make mistakes on our own accord. If we feel that we spent an additional day (or 8 hours) doing some research or learning about something we could not solve, we will NOT bill those hours and we will track the "unbilled" hours so that you can see how many extra hours you received for no additional charge. It's important for you to know how hard we worked regardless of the hours we billed or did not bill. But if we worked 48 hours and billed you 40, we will tell you about the 8 extra hours so you can feel good about saving that money.