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Method to Our Madness

Stormcrest uses Agile Development methodology which allows us to develop requirements and solutions through an evolutionary method through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. This gives us the flexibility to adapt our plans as we move forward, gives us the ability to evolve our development to these new plans, offers continuous improvement and early delivery. Most importantly, our methodology allows us to offer us clients rapid and flexible responses to change. 
Why is this important? Let's use a analogy that works perfectly for Stormcrest. Imagine a storm cloud is rolling in. This storm cloud represents your "project". Of course you have no idea if this storm might become powerful or just stay mild and continue along its way. This is because every storm i.e. "project" is different. Will you need a raincoat or an umbrella? Do you need to board up your house or should you evacuate the premises? Had you gone with a standard development company and hadn't planned well, the storm may come in and blow your house down because in order to save it, you will either have to spend more money or go way over on time, most likely both. That's what can happen with many other development companies while Stormcrest can give you a chance to adjust your plans without much consequence at all. So let's take a look at how it would work with Stormcrest.
At the last minute, the storm or "project" intensifies and failure may be imminent. Your house could come crumbling down. However, Stormcrest sees the problem and magically boards up the house and moves everyone to the safest room in the house. It didn't cost you any more than you already budgeted and you didn't waste time. We solved the problem and your project stayed the course without any damage. We are able to do this with what is called a "sprint". These are short development cycles that allow us to show progress and find the issues before we are too far into the projects. This method is how we work and it works well.


What People Are Saying

Does our method actually work in practice? If you want to know what our clients think about how we work, go ahead and click on the See Testimonials button below. These are actual clients who have worked with the Stormcrest team and know exactly how we've helped others in the past through our tested methodology.

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Flexibility at its Finest

What stands out the most to our customers is the ability for us to provide true flexibility and we do not mean just purely for project development. Stormcrest offers a wide range of flexibility to our customers. Some want to be very involved in the project while others prefer to give us authority to make many decisions throughout. Some clients require speed and we find the best way to add other team members to the project. It's pretty simple; Stormcrest is extremely flexible with our customers as long as we have the same goal in mind.

Learn How to Juggle

There is no doubt that managing projects are like a juggling act. There are so many aspects to a project that if you let one ball get dropped, many balls will come tumbling down. We use an agile development management system called Jira to manage all of our projects so that no ball can get dropped. Many of our customers actively work within Jira throughout a project helping to streamline issues and communication. It's not a requirement for all customers but we do have the tools to help make sure we keep your project moving without dropping the ball.