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Client Expectations

What should you expect from your web development solutions provider? That is always a tough question to answer. There is a dividing line between the knowledge it takes to handle complex technology challenges and the lack of knowledge to understand the process involved in solving them. This can create friction between client and solution provider. Stormcrest starts from the beginning laying out the groundwork necessary to help bridge the gap in understanding. 
The first thing we do is take our time evaluating the knowledge level of the customers we are working with. If we see that the lack of technical capabilities is evident, we treat the process quite differently than if there is a very knowledgeable person in place. One size does not fit all. It's our job to understand you, the client, before we dive into the project. Once we know the type of company we are working with, we lay out the expectations for the project and make sure the customer understands exactly how we plan to work, the timelines involved, and the potential risk factors that could be involved with the type of project we are dealing with. That way, you understand clearly the road map we are following together. 


Understand Our Process

Take some time to preview a basic flow of our process and how it works. With all of our collective experience, we have attempted to make an easier to understand process that will give us the best results without putting too much on our customers. It's a critical path to success for us and in order to avoid the pitfalls of a project, we try our best to lead the way down the right avenue.

See Our Process

Time and Money

Apart from project success, these are the two driving factors of any project. How long will it take? How much will it cost? Of course the answers to these questions are never quite as easy as it would appear. Stormcrest evaluates all projects with a fine tooth comb. We attempt to avoid time wasting by educating our customers on some of things that may be unnecessary wastes in a project. As for time, we rarely miss our mark but if we see that a project is headed in that direction, we always communicate it and explain clearly why it is occurring. 

When Problems Occur

Imagine building a car from scratch with little or no instructions. Do you think you would be able to accomplish this and turn the key and drive into the sunset without a single problem appearing? Of course not... Web projects are complex ever-changing beasts that require extensive testing. Unfortunately, bugs are like needles in the haystack. They will occur. At Stormcrest, we prepare you for this and we prepare ourselves for having the appropriate support in place to handle these issues as soon as they occur.