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Oasis Energy has been a customer of Stormcrest for over four years and we have built all major systems that they currently use including the web system, my account system for customer, and their entire internal operations systems that manage their entire business. We have developed the systems in both php and .net. They have employed a Dedicated Development Team approach and it has paid huge dividends for their business. 

Stormcrest has effectively utilized just about every core solution and service that we offer with this project. From systems integration between their ops admin and the utilities to business process automation for their customer support team, we have done it all. With their amazing growth and success behind the use of our systems, we cannot help but take a level of pride at helping them accomplish their goals, if not exceeding them.


Nan & Co Properties is a great example of a perfect marriage between a developer and a business. We started by coming in and helping them with their SEO/PPC Campaign which we were successfully implementing when they decided that the work we had accomplished was so on point that they wanted to take their web presence to the next level. So we began developing a web solution that included integration with the MLS Real Estate database and pulling the data out for display on their site. We artistically designed a gorgeous interface that matches perfectly with their modern style and high class approach.

The site was such a hit that we have continued our project moving into a vast intranet system which we cannot go into details on. However, it goes to show, the effort and attention to detail really worked out well. This client has allowed us to simply take the basic information they had and turn their entire system into a functional work of art.


Daugherty Insurance is a leading provider of Personal and Business insurance in Houston and the surrounding areas. Stormcrest has worked with jdins.com through two successful web sites redesigns and quote system implementations. The challenges that Daugherty Insurance faced was mainly brand awareness and the ability to manage all the incoming quotes and customer support. They have been very happy with the results.


Blu Sugar Land is a modern restaurant / lounge that dare to be bold. Stormcrest took the bull by the horns and completed a full package solution when they first came into the market. We designed the site, integrated the booking engine, build the menu management system, and even took on the photo shoot and editing. They have since become a sensation in Sugar Land, Texas and have really exceeded expectations.

Schoolhouse Electric is a successful retail company out of Portland, Oregon known for their unique and custom built products. Stormcrest has been working for Schoolhouse on a high end SAP, iConnect, and Magento implementation as they go through a major influx of change. Stormcrest's focus has been on the integration between Magento and SAP while doing heavy data integration and organizing the data to work with the SAP system. 


The Professional Shooting Clays Association is a league broadcasting on NBC Sports and the challenge was to create a web presence that offered their growing company a chance to integrate with the TV programming, incorporate an ecommerce solution, showcase their players, and integrate live feed scoring into the solution. We helped them accomplish these goals and much more.