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Who We Are

There a wide range of development companies out there selling themselves in many different ways. Some claim technical brilliance while others claim to be the cheapest. The fact is Stormcrest has been built over time with a model that most companies cannot compete. We combine all the knowhow and project management excellence of a US born company with the sophistication and cost savings ability of an offshore firm. How do we do this? Through the years the management team of Stormcrest have operated firms that were solely US based and had the high cost of labor to go with it. We have also have experience working exclusively with offshore companies and the pitfalls that can go with a project being managed overseas. So we decided to make a new kind of company that was a hybrid of both. 

We opened our doors with offices in both Argentina and Sugar Land, Texas. Our team manages most project from our US office and handles a great deal of the project scope and architecture while our Development and Engineering arm helps reduce our costs by being run out of our Technology center in Cordoba. The collective group allows us to achieve great cost savings to our customers while performing at the highest level even compared to the larger development houses. This approach has worked and worked well. All of our employees either speak fluent English or are being educated through a multi-step program to improve. The message is clear though. We are a company of thinkers and dreamers. We can save you money while building everything from a simple web system to the most incredible complex portal system. If we require a specialist, we have the ability to bring them into a project as needed. Stormcrest can really do it all.


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Stormcrest Software has a wonderful client base. Many of our projects are not for display on the web site as they are not for public display or we want to keep the intellectual property off the internet for our clients. However, we have a few case studies that we can share that will give you an idea of what we might be able to do for you.

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New School DevCo

Stormcrest is a company that understands the importance of flexibility, delivering on promises, and making sure both our clients and our staff are never led astray. We will work around the clock to deliver a project to hit deadlines and allow those same developers to take the next day off. We keep hours but we offer flexibility as projects demand them. We educate our customers in both the tools needed to operate their solutions but also on just technology/internet in general. The better our customers are educated, the better they will understand what we have to do to help them be successful. 

Experience Matters

There is no doubt that experience is the key to success in this industry. Well, at the top of the org chart, Randy Van Gelder has been in the computer/internet industry since 1988. He has his hand on every project, large or small to at least some degree. As a company, we work together on most projects or at least have knowledge on every project so if help is needed, it can arrive.