Business Process Automation


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Stormcrest Software has many solutions to automating business process. How do we do this? It's quite simple. We develop, implement, and integrate enterprise web based solutions which will help businesses avoid process interruptions. By doing this, a business will also resolve data interchange issues an decrease their error rate across the entire corporate spectrum. With BPA, we can raise your business workflow automation to a higher level which will make your process management way more efficient and transparent across the board. 

We help our clients take time consuming tasks and turn them into automated or significantly less demanding efforts within their business operations. Stormcrest has years of experience taking non-technology companies and building their entire business process through web automation increasing their revenues, decreasing their costs, producing tangible results by decreasing errors and increasing work efficiency across all departments. We'd love to talk to you about your needs as Business Automation is our core specialty.

Our core product for the Retail Electric Market is called OpsAdmin and through this product, we can handle a great deal of your business automation procedures. To request more information about OpsAdmin, click here.


Here are some of the things that can be improved with Business Process Automation: 

Increase Staff Efficiency
Reduce the need for additional staff or allow staff members to utilize their time on other tasks.

Capture Experience
It's absolutely essential to re-use experience learned on the job, you can do this through BPA.

Take Charge of the Business
When you implement BPA, you'll find many areas where you lacked control that can now be managed.

Reduction of Delays
Delays of critical information can harm a business. Through BPA, Stormcrest can automate areas which can eliminate these delays

Find Issues Quickly
It's difficult to see where problems exist when your relying on the eyes on the ground. Implementation of systems checking for these issues can solve this.

Elimination of Errors
One of the hardest issues to solve in business are day to day errors committed by employees or bad data that cannot be caught. Through BPA, we can literally eliminate errors.

Optimize Process & Workflow
Putting a process in place or driving a workflow home are two very difficult items to implement well. With BPA handling much of these processes, you can focus on only the elements still involving personnel while the systems handle the rest.


Below is a Chart Showing Possible Automated Process Improvements


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